Exploring the Whimsical Design of a Floating Tiny House, A Delightful Retreat on a Serene Lake

Today we will introduce you to the Exbury Egg Tiny House, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Exbury Egg Tiny House is located on a river in the south of England, next to New Forest National Park. This egg-shaped structure swings up and down at low tide. A giant egg, 6 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, made of wood that shines like silver.

In fact, someone lives here. This person is British artist Stephen Turner. Exbury Egg Tiny House is a home where Stephen can live in nature and observe for a year.

TThe reason Stephen chose this house; The egg is a universal symbol of fertility, birth, new life and creation. Stephen makes observations and documents them here. The place where the egg was found has a forest area with many songbirds on one side, and a river with nomadic birds and salt marsh on the other side.

Exbury Egg Tiny House is made entirely of wood. There is a round window on the top and a lid on the side. Stephen has placed four panels near the house and meets the electricity needs from here.

The interior of the house is completely wooden. In the main living area, a work area has been made for Stephen’s work, and there is a table and other work tools. On the opposite side, there is a kitchen that can meet Stephen’s needs.

The part designed as a bedroom was later changed by Stephen himself. At first it was thought of as a hammock, but Stephen made a platform and put a bed here due to low back pain. It uses gold as a storage area. To the left of the entrance door is the toilet and bathroom.


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