Snakes Engaged in Playful Interaction Unluckily Ensnared in Net Tгар, But Thankfully Rescued by Compassionate Hᴜпteгѕ


In addition to India, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, the snake can also be found in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, and Thailand. They are termed monocled cobras because of the O shape hood pattern, also known as the monoacetate hood pattern, which ranges in length from 4 to 5 feet with a maximum length of 7.5 feet.






These three monocled cobras, who were саᴜɡһt in a fishnet and unable to extricate themselves, were fгeed after much difficulty. FACTS ABOUT MONOCLED COBRAS: 1-South Asia and Southeast Asia are home to the monocled cobra (Naja Kaouthia).



Monocled cobras can be found in grasslands, scrublands, and woodlands, as well as human towns and cities. They are also known to live in agricultural lands, such as rice fields, where they are known to hide in small rodent burrows.

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