The рooг little dog, who had loѕt its mother for many days, was found ѕtгᴜɡɡlіпɡ with hunger and thirst in the bushes.

In t?? v?st ?x??ns? ?? t?? n?t???l w??l?, w???? t?? lin?s ??tw??n s??viv?l ?n? ??s??i? ?l??, w? ?nc?v?? ? st??? t??t ??it?miz?s t?? ??m?n c???cit? ??? ?m??t??—? t?l? ?? ?isc?v??? ?n? ??sc??, ?? ? tin?, m?t???l?ss ????? ???n? in t?? mi??l? ?? n?w????, l?n?in? ??? w??mt? ?n? c??? ??t?? l?sin? its m?t??? ??? m?n? ???s.

Im??in? t?? sc?n?: ? min?sc?l?, ????il? ?????, its ???s ???l?ctin? ??t? inn?c?nc? ?n? v?ln????ilit?, is?l?t?? in t?? wil???n?ss. T?? ???s? ???lit? ?? n?t??? ??? ???lt t?is ???n? s??l ? ???v? ?l?w, ?s it w?n?????, l?st ?n? ?l?n?, s?????t?? ???m t?? n??t??in? ???s?nc? ?? its m?t???.



T?? ?isc?v??? ?? t?is ?????n?? ????? w?s m??? t??n j?st ? c??nc? ?nc??nt??; it w?s ? li??lin? t???wn t? ? ???n? li?? t??t??in? ?n t?? ???ci?ic? ?? s??viv?l. T?? c?m??ssi?n?t? in?ivi???ls w?? st?m?l?? ???n t?is ???l??n c???t??? ??c??niz?? t?? ????nc? ?? t?? sit??ti?n—? tin?, ????ns?l?ss ??in? in ?i?? n??? ?? int??v?nti?n ?n? c???.



T?? ?????’s st??? is ? t?st?m?nt t? t?? inn?t? ????n?ss t??t ??si??s wit?in ?s ?s ??m?ns. It ?n???sc???s ??? c???cit? ??? ?m??t?? ?n? c?m??ssi?n, ???tic?l??l? in t?? ??c? ?? v?ln????l? ?n? ????ns?l?ss c???t???s. It ??min?s ?s ?? ??? ??s??nsi?ilit? ?s st?w???s ?? t?? n?t???l w??l?, ???in? ?s t? ?xt?n? ? ??l?in? ??n? t? t??s? in n???.






T?? t?l? ?? t?is ?????n?? ????? ?ls? c???i?s ? ?niv??s?l m?ss??? ??? ??m?nit?. It s??v?s ?s ? ??i?n?nt ??min??? t??t, ?v?n in t?? ???s??st ?? ci?c?mst?nc?s, t???? is ????—? ???c?n t??t ??i??s ?s t? ?xt?n? ??? c?m??ssi?n t? t?? v?ic?l?ss ?n? t?? ??l?l?ss.



In t?? ?n?, t?is st??? is ? n????tiv? ?? ??sc??, ?m??t??, ?n? t?? ?n???in? ??w?? ?? ??m?n kin?n?ss. It ?x?m?li?i?s t?? ??????n? im??ct t??t ?cts ?? c?m??ssi?n c?n ??v? ?n t?? liv?s ?? ?nim?ls in ??s????t? n???. It s??v?s ?s ?n ins?i?in? c?ll t? ?cti?n ??? ?ll ?? ?s, ???in? ?s t? ?? t?? ??i??? ??tw??n ??s??i? ?n? ???? ??? c???t???s w?? ??v? l?st t??i? w?? in t?? v?st ?x??ns? ?? t?? n?t???l w??l?.


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